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qpLogic is a web-enabled office solution that will enhance the productivity by dramatically improving the way employees work and collaborate. It is a secure browser-based virtual office, streamlining your document-driven processes. The product is extremely flexible, accurate and at the same time simple and easy to use. This is a joint-venture of a software house with a management consultancy. The result is a successful synergy of merged innovatively, creativity, customer needs and financial power.

qpLogic lets you manage your document collaboration process:
by adding intelligence to any document
through document version control
by linking the document associatively to any other resource or business item

Using qpLogic, you can manage your back office with dozens of practical solutions including:
Document Management integrated with Task Management
Workflow Management (Exception-based)
Project Management, including secured sharing with external contractors
Request Management - enabled to integrate with your website
E-files Management, integrated with email and mail
Online surveys, where privacy is guaranteed
Quality Manuals and ISO registration

Overall Introduction of qpLogic Products:-
qpLogic Products Overall Features
  1. Template Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Workflow
  5. Teleworking
  1. Multi-languaged
  2. User Management
  3. Fully customized design
  4. Plugins provide flexibility
  5. Also for your Intranet
qpOffice and qpWeb combined into a full option front- and back office integrating your website, Extranet, Intranet and back office
Parts of the RAD qpFramework Suite are standalone available. Like the Webenabled RESX translator, qpWebCam, qpWishList etc.
Mavim Rools
For documenting and communicating business processes a desktop tool is more functional. We distribute Mavim Rules, which integrates with Microsoft Visio and Word. Mavim Rules integrates seamless with qpLogic software, also by design and architecture

Why qpLogic Is Special?
Collaborative Knowledge Management system, enabling organizational intelligence in your enterprise
Environment where people work on-line, thereby continuously contributing to the collective knowledge
Allows you to define and manage related content
Lets you create a relationship between the what, who, with what, when, where and why of the enterprise
Cost-effective, fast, intuitive, and easy to use
No extensive training is required
Adaptable - add new functionality to the platform at a reasonable cost
Fully extensible - included in the license and maintenance costs are the extensions for the standard framework
Has developed a strong relationship with a number of partners. They help us in developing new and exciting new features and solutions

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