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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Rigel Networks methodology focuses to deliver custom business solutions using structured business processes, software services, technology expertise, domain knowledge, IT industry trend and vast experience gathered over the past 5 years. Our methodology is driven by customer business demand and internal capabilities. As per different business scenarios, our methodologies get modified, refined, evolved or enhanced. We usually have a four step cyclic approach of Consultation, Proposition, Confirmation and Execution as under:

Consultation sessions are primarily focused on gathering specific business needs of customers, like, their expectation, concept / goal, expectations from us, business practices/procedures, existing resources and budget. We showcase our offerings, share past experiences and industry trends to help them create their thoughts and concept. We conduct personal meetings, video conference, remote web conference and also use phone, email and chat as medium of communication.

Our proposal is precise and give clear insight into all (tangible / intangible) aspects of association including our planning, execution, delivery, software processes to be followed, SDLC methods, communication, timeline, solution benefits, resource allocation, service offerings, software cost, third party tools, licensing and intellectual property ownership, post delivery support and maintenance, foreseen hurdles and uncertainty, warranty, technology to be used and so on.

We put forward our proposition to prospects / customers to understand, analyze, review and clarify the details. Our contract includes all agreed upon aspects including confidentiality agreement, service level terms, working procedures, legal arbitration, taxes and so on. We legally sign up our commitments and agree to bring  the proposed custom business solution into reality. We keep our contract flexible and scalable considering the intangible nature of ICT business.

We start developing the custom business solution as per agreed terms and conduct regular review meetings to overlook the execution. Execution is usually phased out to deliver in parts. After every delivery and in course of execution, the cycle of Consultation, Proposition, Confirmation and Execution repeats.

Our methodology focuses on individual customer experience, collaboration, innovation, speed, flexibility, scalability and quality-cost-experience.

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