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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Software Process

Rigel Networks has well defined, structured processes to manage software services. Our software guidelines/processes adhere to CMMI standards and we keep evolving them. We have a separate division of Software Process Management to refine, enhance/update our processes and guidelines.

We do agile development, extreme programming and component based development to suite customer business needs. We use the past developed code, component based code and third party components/tools to speed up the project execution time. The main focus is always to develop a user friendly and usable interface. We use software tools and follow process guidelines throughout the software development life cycle.

Access to detailed information at regular short intervals and improved communication, reduces barrier of offshore outsourcing. Our processes and guidelines have helped customers align their business goals with software delivery.  We are flexible to refine and modify our procedures so to serve individual customer needs.

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