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Rigel Networks
Success Stories
Case 1

A UK-based firm.

The client wanted video security to keep watch of every moment occurring outside his office. He wanted to capture all details and to be alerted in less than 30 seconds for any unusual incidents.

Solution that Rigel Networks Delivered
Rigel Networks has developed Motion Detection System for the client. The client can have different Alerts for various cameras. Camera one could be set for Email Alert. Camera two could be set for SMS alert, Camera Three could be set for MMS alert. If someone knocks at his door, he will be alerted through any of the media in less than 30 seconds.

Support for up Local Cameras
Support for Remote Cameras
E-Mail Alert with Photo
Mobile Phone Alert
SMS Alert
MMS Alert
Live Video Streaming on Mobile
Remote Monitoring via IP
Motion Detection with “Sensitec” Multi View
Record & Playback with “Scheduler”

Business Benefits for the Client
Now the client is able to work without concerning about security. He is able to record every moment outside the office. He is able to receive alerts within 2 seconds on his mobile and less than 30 seconds through Email.

The solution is supported by most of the Mobile Service Providers world wide: Vodaphone, T-Mobile, Orange, People Telecom, SAR, TIM, SFR, 3 Telecom, KPN, Telfort, Cell C, Smart Communications, Telstra & others…

Case 2


A US-based manufacturing firm.

The client runs a manufacturing unit in USA. They have to keep records for all transactions occurring during manufacturing process and have to track inventory, orders and production units. It was difficult for them to use older system as it did not give complete details. Doing paper works was time consuming and erroneous.

Solution that Rigel Networks Delivered
Rigel Networks has developed the software solution based on “QuickBooks Integration Approach”. The software offers comprehensive inventory control and order tracking system. Users (sales department) can easily look at inventory status and can check about availability of the stock. They can reordered the materials through few clicks and can create a batch of purchase orders for multiple vendors at the same time.

Inventory Management
Sales Order Management
Work Order Management
Production Step Tracking
Advance Inventory Control Features
Capacity Reporting
Bill of Materials
Vendor Management
Purchase Order Management

Business Benefits for the Client
The client is able to track inventory, production and customer orders. It helped the client for better costing and minimized the time of production. The solution reduced the production cost by 15%. The client is able to create Work and Purchase order easily. The client is able to get details about the quantity and location of components during production cycle. Through Bill of Materials, the client is able to select the type and number of components that should go into finished goods. They are able to get complete details about sales and shipment. This solution also helps to get financial reports about the sales and production process.

Case 3

A US-based chain of Hotels.

The hotelier in USA manages 5 Hotels in different regions. General Manager is responsible for accounting all day-to-day activities of Staff Management, Budgeting and tracking service issues by room numbers, customers, groups and employee. The task was time consuming and chances for errors were high. It was difficult for him to audit the complete details of all hotels on regular basis.

Solution that Rigel Networks Delivered
Rigel Networks has developed the online hotel budgeting system which is highly configurable and user friendly. The solution helps to analyze daily labor cost and compare that with pre-calculated budget and displays performance result on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It maintains budgeting of all hotels.

Web Based Access & Reporting
Customize User Access Details
Complete & Comprehensive Data Management
Dashboard Management
Revenue Budgeting
Payroll Budgeting
Housekeeping Budgeting
Calendar Management
Employee Management
User Tracking

Business Benefits for the Client
This application enables General Manager and Owner to monitor the daily operations more closely and accurately. Upon completion of the Audit, the General Manager is now able to review all prior days’ activities using industry standard statistics and pre-calculated budget and thus reducing his analysis time. He is able to manage budgeting of all hotels in different regions from one place itself.

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