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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Software Integration
Rigel Network is the premier software integration company serving a wide range of clients, from startup to corporate. Our software integration solutions will cut down the overhead cost and efforts phenomenally. Software integration problems are solved through a new technical approach developed by our highly experienced and passionate technical experts.

Designed and developed as value-based solutions, our software integration solutions will provide cost-effective extraction and standardization of application. Our software integration services are as follows:

QuickBooks Integration Online Map Integration TAPI Integration
SalesForce Integration Third Party Tools Integration Telerik Controls Integration
PayPal Integration        

QuickBooks Integration
Rigel Networks has an unparalleled expertise with QuickBooks application integration, achieved over the course of multiple successful e-commerce and supply chain management projects. Backed by proprietary tools and knowledge, Rigel Networks’s ability to link an application with QuickBooks brings about a dramatic reduction in duplicate data entries, eliminating errors and boosting productivity. Rigel Networks has the knowledge of integrating QuickBooks into any business process and realizing the return on investment. Never Enter Data Twice (NEDT) is our mantra for a well connected enterprise. To know more about our QuickBooks Integration capabilities, please refer our “Accounting” domain offerings.

SalesForce Integration
We can integrate website or existing business applications into and can add new functionalities. Using our solutions, the data transfer between and other desktop or web applications can be automated.

Online Map Integration (Google Maps, Google Earth, Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth)
We have hands-on experience in integrating location-based services, such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches into software applications and business processes.

PayPal Integration
For many web applications, we have integrated online payment gateway, e.g., PayPal payment gateway. We offer customization & integrate other payment gateways (like etc.) as per requirements specified by our customers. We have also integrated SMS Payment gateway.

TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) Integration
For desktop and web solutions, we have successfully integrated TAPI application to make telephonic conversation and connect people in any part of the world.

Telerik Controls Integration
Our experts have successfully integrated Telerik Controls for one of our retail web development projects to bring unparalleled richness, responsiveness, and interactivity to the web applications.

Third-Party Integration
Rigel Networks has worked on a wide variety of software integration projects across the industries. The following are the “Third Party Tools” that we have successfully integrated:

Office Programming
You Tube
Constant Contract

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