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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Research & Innovation
With the increasing competition, availability of similar types of products and services in the marketplace, differentiation in strategies is a critical factor for an organization that wants to leapfrog the competition. Rigel Networks always believes in delivering advanced solutions that brings effective results for its clients. Rigel Networks has a dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified engineers who are in pursuit of developing innovative and effective solutions through their continuous process of comprehensive research and development.

At Rigel Networks, we understand the importance of Research and Development (R&D) for our customer’s business, therefore we are committed to provide world-class R&D and Technology Services to our clients. Our engineers infuse newer ideas and methods into all stages of our solutions/product development.

Innovation is the key to success for any industry. To succeed, businesses must continually surge forward and produce innovative ideas. Information Technology (IT) is ideally suited to be a company’s innovation champion. Rigel Networks collaborates with thinkers, creators and sponsors to develop advanced solutions that provide competitive edge for its global clients. We have undertaken in-depth research and analysis of various domains and have developed innovative applications.

For example, Rigel Networks has developed an innovative B2C Jewelry application. It is an online Jewelry shopping application with customized solution. The buyer can select the design from various samples and can propose the customized Jewelry. The application allows doing this online without going to the shop.

Rigel Networks has done enormous research on Video Security and has introduced an effective Video Security solution that takes care of all the aspects of video surveillance. We have designed the security system, which captures every moment on camera and alerts the client through SMS, email or MMS.

Every business person dreams of changing the world through innovation. The higher one climbs, the more one needs “Innovation”. Research and Development is the cornerstone of Rigel Networks. We are committed to study client’s business and introduce innovative solutions aimed at enhancing clients’ business.

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