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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Innovation is the base to sustain and grow. Our mission to grow together with associates demands innovation in all aspects of business including corporate management, software development, finance, human resource, operations and all other.

Innovation starts from creative thoughts to add value to the world. Creative thoughts are results of better minds and environment. We promote innovation among employees by providing them better facilities and work environment. We coax them to come up with refinements and suggestions in existing and new work. Our work culture has several activities and we bring awareness among employees to innovate and understand the benefits of innovation. We collaborate with technology experts and have global partnerships. We are partners of several software organizations and visit foreign trade shows in pursuit of innovation.

We are cognizant of the fact that innovation is helpful in difficult times and true innovation is about cutting costs without bleeding the business. We follow CMMI practices and have stringent quality standards in place. We follow Six Sigma principles in our software engineering to improve productivity and reduce effort, saving valuable time and resources that are best invested in our customer business.

We are committed to innovation as a continual thought process and real life implementation.

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