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Rigel Networks
Code of Conduct
The employee code of conduct is a framework of guiding principles for employees of “Rigel Networks Private Limited” to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical standards in work related matters. The code specifies the standards of behavior for employees in the performance of their duties. The following principles embody the code:

To act with integrity and professionalism in the performance of their duties and be scrupulous in the proper use of Rigel Networks information, funds, equipment and facilities
To exercise fairness, equity, proper courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in all their dealing in the course of carrying out their duties
To avoid real, apparent or perceived conflict of interests. Employees need to understand that the Employee Code of Conduct also applies to and embraces adherence of the formal policies and procedures of the company in the conduct of their roles
This is applicable to all employees who are associated as full time, part time or  hired on temporary basis with Rigel Networks

To comply with all lawful directions of the company
To promote the interests of the company
To act in accordance with the company’s approved policies and procedures (as amended from time to time)
To observe the company required standards of performance and behavior. Where there are concerns about the standard of work performance or behavior, the company discipline and counseling policy will be used to address and resolve these issues

Conflict of Interest
To devote full-time attention to company duties and not undertake any paid or unpaid activity, which is damaging to the interests of the company. It is the employee's responsibility to raise any potential conflicts of interest with the department manager who will advise if the activities are regarded as in conflict with the company interests. Involvement in social, sporting, community, welfare, religious, artistic and political activities would not normally conflict with company interests

Computer and Internet Use
Recognize the company uses computer software under license, which may not be reproduced or copied in any way. Employees may only use software in accordance with applicable license arrangements and not to misuse software or related documentation including making, acquiring or using unauthorized copies of any computer software
To use Company computers only for purposes approved by the Company. Employees may not undertake any private work on equipment that is the property of the Company

Company Property
Employees shall not remove any company vehicles, tools, plant, equipment records, documents or computer files from company premises or make copies, without the prior approval of the relevant site manager of the company

Use of Information
Accept that in the course of employment, employees will not deal with the media (of whatever kind). Employees are not authorized to give any details about the company or its operations, or purport to represent the Company, unless specifically authorized to do so by the managing director

Equal Opportunity and Harassment
Agree to support and contribute to the success of the company equal employment and workplace behavior policies

To comply with environmental laws and regulations relevant to the company activities

Confidentiality of Information, Documentation and Inventions
During employment with the company, employees may be shown or may create information that is confidential in its nature. Employees acknowledge that the company is entitled to the exclusive benefit of that confidential information. Confidential information created by employees may be able to be made the subject of registered protection, such as a patent in which event employees will fully co-operate with the company becoming the registered owner of the information
If the information is not capable of registered protection, employees will fully disclose it to the company and not disclose it to any other person or use if for any other purpose than employment with the company both during and after the termination of employment with the company. Upon request by the company, employees will enter into confidentiality agreement with the company

Our Work Culture
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Employee Speaks
“Rigel is the best place to learn new technologies. I have got an exposure of different areas that helps me to build my capabilities”

Alpa Patel
Software Engineer
“I am proud to be a part of Rigel team. At Rigel, I got an opportunity to lead the team & the support from senior is always tremendous”

Darshan Thaker
Senior Software Engineer