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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Rigel Networks ensures that the workplace is energetic and lively. Our culture is designed to help individuals realize their true potential in a conducive environment. This is reflected in almost every aspect of the work culture - from clean architecture of our glass building to the elegant interiors, and from the relaxed dress code to the well-stocked pantries and cafeterias. The work place ambience is aimed at grooming the employees into thorough professionals and tomorrow’s leaders.

Our aim is to oversee the employees find a perfect balance between their personal and professional life and to achieve that we have several options in place,like, flexible working hours, work from home, provide free meals, tax assistance and conduct team outings. We also regularly conduct events like Annual Meet, Outdoor/ Indoor games, Celebrating Festivals Together, rise and raise, Technical Training and so on.

Building Leaders
We have tremendous opportunities to elevate and raise our employees in all aspects like career, finance and knowledge. We promote ethics and intellectual wisdom. We have the right mixture of senior employees, dynamic management and a learning culture where  the junior employees are encouraged to take the ownership of the project  by giving them higher roles and responsibilities.

Professional Excellence and Structured Processes
Our processes are based on CMMI standards and  work in a structured and organized manner. We emphasize professionalism with ethics. We have well defined roles and responsibilities. We are a professional process centric company and strongly believe in continuous learning and evolution.

Global Exposure
True Global Exposure is attained while working with us as  95% of our customers are from US and EU and we have representative offices in Belgium and America. Our global reach gives the employees an opportunity to get a global exposure and understand  cultures and working style of different countries through Client visit, On-Site work, telecommunication, attending trade shows etc.

Latest Technologies
We are in pace with the fast moving world and has expertise in Microsoft Technologies, AJAX, Flash, Java and Linux. We adopt new and emerging technologies to help employees and customers stay current within the ICT Industry. We have experienced & skilled experts who share their knowledge and expertise related to technology, project management, processes and managing people.

Multiple Industry
We serve multiple industries and have extensive business knowledge. We develop software with core expertise for variety of industry verticals like Hospitality, Retail, Mortgage, Healthcare, Jewelry, Video Security, Roofing, Construction, Accounting and Entertainment.

Open Door Policy
We encourage our employees to be reciprocative and forthcoming with all their ideas and concerns,hence we have this Open Door Policy where the management and the top authorities are always accessible. Our employees can walk upto their Manager, HR and Management to discuss their thoughts (issues, concerns, suggestions). We appreciate and honor our employees for suggestions. We ensure their concerns are resolved. We have a unique method called FreeXpress wherein employees can put note about their issue and we promptly address it with due diligence.

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