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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Employee Benefits
Global Exposure
Rigel strives to be a global player with a 95% customer base of foreign countries - Europe, USA, etc. It has representative offices in Belgium and America.

At Rigel Networks, health and safety form an integral part of the work environment. During winter, Rigel Networks organizes winter Ganador Cricket Tournament for its employees. Teams are formed in advance and practices by employees are carried out in the evenings. And employees play on exclusive playground. Winners are honored with awards and together all have a wonderful memorable time.

Annual Meet
Rigel Networks presents its past growth, current happenings, and future plans at the Annual Meet held on every 22 May. Employees are given away recognition awards like Most Valuable Employee and invited for family dinner party.

Rise and Raise
Rigel continuously wants to Rise herself and Raise her employees. Rise Rigel and Raise Yourself events are designed to guide its employees’ leadership qualities, share cultural benefits, and group discussion, which will help her to rise and will help employees to raise themselves. These events are usually held on Saturdays.

Discount Meals
Rigel Networks wants to remove hassles and worry of employees for meals. Rigel Networks addresses meal-related issues by introducing one discount meal per day to outstation employees, employees who work late, or in case of family is sick.

Flexi Timings
Rigel Networks offers a very flexible and friendly work environment to balance employees’ professional and personal life, especially of Technical Departments. Employees are permitted to leave early upon considering Customer and Company needs, or may work only a couple of hours in case of less or no work. Employee completes 8 hours 30 minutes per day.

Latest Technologies / Multiple Domains
Rigel Networks, with its latest technology platforms, is marching ahead with the fast moving world and develops software for variety of industry verticals, such as Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Video Security, etc.

Tax Assistance
Rigel Networks helps its employees manage their finances and assists in planning their taxes and investment.

Watch TV
Rigel Networks flexible environment keeps employees updated of latest happenings in the world by watching TV during refreshment. Those working at night are free to watch TV anytime.

Indoor Games
Rigel Networks offers play-while-work platform to keep employees to be fresh at work. They play indoor games, such as carom, WII, chess, etc. during breaks for refreshment. Professionals working at night are free to play anytime.

Rigel Networks has introduced an open door policy interface among management, HR and its employees .The interface facilitates employees to freely discuss their issues. FreeXpress box allows employees to share their complaints and suggestions.

Birthday Morning
Rigel Networks always wants to be one of the first few to wish its employees on their birthday. We wish our employees by sending flower bouquet to employees’ home on their birthday.

Our Work Culture
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Employee Speaks
“Rigel is the best place to learn new technologies. I have got an exposure of different areas that helps me to build my capabilities”

Alpa Patel
Software Engineer
“I am proud to be a part of Rigel team. At Rigel, I got an opportunity to lead the team & the support from senior is always tremendous”

Darshan Thaker
Senior Software Engineer