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Video Security - Feature Glimpse
Motion Detection & Web Server Management
Seeing is believing. Motion grid (to be utilized to set sensitivity) is configured for all remote and local cameras of different locations like convenience stores, gas stations, day care centers, retirement facilities, hospitals, laboratories, commercial property, private homes, and more. Movements within motion grid are captured by the system. These movements are recorded using our application as video files or photo files on web server, which are accessible from any remote location by establishing a connection with server.  

Mobile Video Streaming (MVS)
Mobile Video Streaming (MVS) provides the ability to view the cameras monitored by the system through mobile phone as a live video stream. It provides the users with the feasibility to access the data wherever they are.

Video Recording
Videos are recorded (remotely also) on motion, on a schedule, or on a trigger basis. Recorded video files are organized in folders by day and then sorted by time. Video clips are exported for specific time range. High quality videos are accessed by our solutions. Our advanced solution offers intuitive play, pause, and rewind functionality.

Auto Alerts Integration
On motion detection, users are intimated via alerts. All types of alert options (SMS, MMS, E-Mail, and Audio) are integrated into the system.

Support Local & IP Cameras
Easily generate surveillance systems to face large areas using multiple cameras, managed from a single PC. Monitor and record up to 16 networked IP cameras (PTZ Type) and 16 numbers of directly attached local cameras, simultaneously. Camera movements are also controlled by mouse-click on the image with Integrated PTZ function control.

Anytime-Anywhere Camera View Access
Using the Web Broadcasting option, users can see all camera views via an Internet browser. Users can broadcast images captured from the camera on the Internet. Broadcasting can be performed simultaneously by monitoring the system.
User & User Role Management
Different types of user roles can be formed and appropriate users can be assigned within each user group for restricted access of users on solution (Like “Chief Security Officer” only reserves rights to delete video files / image files from system).

Activity Scheduling

The video surveillance system enables users to schedule the recording and monitoring activities on system. Video camera automatically starts recording and monitoring as per the scheduled date for specific time duration.

Video Frame Management
Users can set video files and stream format for motion detection recording on the system.
Video Security Toolbar Development
Our advanced toolbar based on video security technology offers most primary video security functionalities, such as video camera configuration, motion detection system, alerts management and also offers some secondary features, such as advert management, coordination with Google analytics, etc.

Case Studies
Client Testimonial
“We have used Rigel Networks for more than a single project and have been impressed with their professionalism and ability to meet any deadline. They have a firm grasp of internet technologies and programming. We would highly recommend their services to any company."

- Leading Security Solution Provider in UK