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Shopping Cart Development
Shopping cart is a convenient and smart way for shoppers to buy products online. With shopping cart, customers can view, delete, and purchase multiple items even in a single payment mode. Retailers can update products quantity and display discount offers to customers through coupon codes. User can pay for products using available payment options, such as credit card, net banking and mail a check.

We have developed easy-to-use shopping carts for following online selling concepts:
For Eco Friendly Products
For Mobile Phones, Air Time Services & Phone Accessories
For Fashion Garments (Covering All Sex & Product Lines)
FFor Sport Utilities (Helmets, T-Shirts, Shorts, Specs, Caps etc.)
For Building Accessories such as doors, windows, vents, sky lights and so on
For Stationeries (One Sided / Two Sided Visiting Cards, ID Cards, Post Cards, Letter Pads, Envelopes, Name Tags, Strips etc.)

Share your expectations with us & we will build a robust e-commerce online shopping cart application that will best suit your online business.
Online Product Customization
Online Product customization involves selection of design templates, label placement decisions, apply created records (database) on design templates. Users can customize and propose “Business Cards”, “Photo Cards”, “Identity Cards”, “Post Cards”, “Envelopes”, and “Letter Pads” as well as logos, pictures, customized text online of their choice. Users can initiate buying and bidding for the same.
Online Product Search
Too meet marketing objectives of our clients, we implement interfaces to drive traffic and sales. Users search products on site with following different criteria:
Price wise
Brand wise
Category wise
Promotional schemes & deals wise
Search products for gifts
Search product for special occasions etc.

Discount Coupon Code Management
Discount Coupon Code Management is based on a combination of validations, such as time expiry, number of tries, discount percentage, etc. Promotion code offers online discounts on purchase and users avail respective discounts via shopping cart.
Third-Party Tools Integration
We integrate third party tools if they add value to your business. Certain examples of such integration are as follows:

Product videos are uploaded on “YouTube” & URL to share product insights by users.

Product description is integrated with “Web2PDF” service so that all docs are automatically converted into PDF files while initiating “Download Requests” by users on site.

For overall commission management among merchants, we have successfully integrated “EarthAdNetwork” technology with our solutions

Express Checkout
Express Checkout is the quickest way to fill your shopping cart and avoid registration by direct payment via credit card.
Hacker Safe
Information and application security is verified regularly by third-party companies like Hacker Safe that makes internet purchases safer by reinforcing better security practices among site owners.

Online payment processing is handled via secure socket layer. We have integrated various SSL certificates including Verisign and Godaddy. This offers 128 bit encryption security while transacting over internet with credit card. No credit card information can be hacked.
Payment Gateway Integration
For instant online credit card payment, we have integrated payment gateway provided by, PayPal and so on.

Newsletter Management
Important information about business (special offers, product launch, business shows, etc.) is periodically updated to users through email. The Newsletter Management feature enables administrators to design predefined mail templates to boost brand image. Also, users can subscribe for newsletter

Teach Users about Your Business Processes
Self-learning approach is to educate users about overall products, services, processes and associated industries.

Some integrated approaches are as follows:
Mobile Recycling Guidelines
Eco-Friendly Products Advantages
Product Information Management
Product information is managed by back-end administration. The overall details are as follows:
Product Image (Every side)
Product Demo (Video footage)
Number of viewers for Demo
Product Description
Product Price
Product Approval Body
Associated Promotional Scheme
Product Rating and Reviews
Order Status Processing
On every purchase of item(s), users get a Purchase Order number. Users can instantly check status of order with Purchase Order number. Order status is updated from back-end site administration. Return orders are efficiently managed.

Quote Management
Online bidding procedure consists of a couple of phases that starts from “Product Search” to “Order Confirmation”. Users visit product catalog, select products, specify quantity and request for quote after sharing all respective details (billing details, shipping details, delivery period, Mode of delivery, etc.). Administrator responds such quote requests by three options (“Accept”, “Deny”, and “Requote”) to users. After negotiating price, payment formalities and other commercial conditions, bid requests turn into an order.
Merchant Management Program
Merchants are given a separate login to upload product/service information (add new products, remove old products, update price-description, etc). Administrator of the site approves/disapproves such change requests.

Product Updates on Multiple Sites
Merchants upload their product information on main sites and the same product information is uploaded on other collaborated sub-sites. This is a real time saving procedure, as merchants don’t spend time on other site content update.

Visitor Tracking
Merchants track total number of hits (visitors) within specific geographical locations (UK, US, Europe, India, etc.) of their products on site. Merchants understand overall buying behavior of users that helps them to make important decisions about product promotions & marketing activities.
Product Reviews Management
Editor Reviews Management: Editors (external business consultants) share their opinions on products & services. Such opinions are integrated separately on site

User Reviews Management: Users share their opinions & experiences about product usage on site. Website administrator reserves rights to delete unethical abuses.

Video Reviews Management: Users share video reviews online. Those reviews are also held on site.

User Registration
Access of certain information is restricted to registered members exclusively. Only registered members get access of “My Account” section, which covers overall highlights of total no. of placed orders, details of each order, overall shopping summary and wishlist details.
Wishlist Management
While reviewing products online, users can add product(s) to wishlist for future reference.

Supplier Search (Zip Code Wise) & Google Map Integration
Retail supplier’s information is mapped with appropriate area zip code. By entering zip code, users identify suppliers within their area and visit them to view real product or buy the same.

Suppliers address details are integrated with “Google Map” for users to locate exact direction.

Product Category Management
Products are assigned to different categories on site. All product categories and products within each category are managed properly on site.

CMS (Content Management System)
Website layout, pages and page content, banners, menu links are dynamically managed from the back-end administration.
Back-End Administration
Various primary tasks are administered by back end professional. Some of these tasks are as follows:
Product Portfolio Management
Retailer / Vendor Management
Promotional Program Management
Customer Management
Bid Requests Management
SEO Friendly Website
We develop SEO-friendly Web sites to drive more visitors to your Web site. This includes following activities:
Keyword Analysis
Content Optimization
HTML Optimization
Search Engine Submissions / Registrations
Website Analysis / ROI Tracking
Post Optimization Monthly Maintenance Service

Case Studies
Client Testimonial
"I would like to commend you also for the flawless service you provided us, getting back to us even at odd hours of the day, to ensure that we met our deadlines on time. Your team has been truly been professional at all stages of the project, and I believe that this will carry you far in your relationship with all yours clients..."

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