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Mortgage & Finance - Feature Glimpse
Loan Process Management
Rigel Networks’ solution offers tools that will make the loan processing effortless. Ideal for mortgage brokers, community banks, credit unions or large retail lenders, our solution offers a complete, economical and easily-deployable solution to manage the entire loan processing—from customer acquisition to loan fulfillment.

Easy-to-use features of our solution will give better visibility into all loan process operations, strong control over workflow, ability to ensure compliance and data integrity, and exceptional connectivity with borrowers and business partners.
Loan Pipeline
Get total control over the Loan Process and track the loan productivity with the “Pipeline View” feature. This feature enables the Loan processing staff members (Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Branch Manager etc.) to refer business parameters, such as loan ID, loan status, allocated staff member, applied date and all other commercials for all mortgage loan requests which are in pipeline.

Loan Milestone Management
Entire loan process is divided into several milestones, such as Application received, Application submitted, Approved, Appraisal In, Cond. Received, Order Docs, Doc Signed, Funded and Completion Expected. With this solution, you can manage milestones for each loan request. When there is a change in a milestone, the system automatically intimates the client and the allocated loan processing staff member via mail.

Document (Form) Management
Rigel Networks’ solution offers a hassle-free Document (Form) management. Its secure and compliant document handling solution helps mortgage companies save time, cut costs and bolster data security by enabling different teams to electronically request, receive and store borrower documents within the solution.

Using Document Management feature, the loan processing staff can seamlessly interact with borrowers, brokers and investors. Loan professionals can easily convert paper loan documents, such as borrower applications, appraisals, bank statements and closing packages into electronic documents and store them in an electronic folder within each loan file.

Documents, such as borrower summary, 1003 page1, good faith estimate, patriot act borrower id, VOD, VOR, MCAW Purchase etc., requested and received documents, are stored into Application loan info, Disclosures, Verifications, VA, FHA, Request Forms etc., folders so that all the elements of loan files are conveniently accessible in one place.
Mortgage Analysis Tool
Increase your Loan Processing productivity by analyzing the mortgage requirements. The Mortgage Analysis Tool evaluates the client’s mortgage requirement with three different options. Entire requirement analysis covers payment analysis, overall cost breakdown, total tax savings, mortgage investment forecasting for client’s mortgage requirement.

Borrower & Business Partners Relationship Management
Rigel Networks’ solution strengthens the relationship between borrowers & business partners by managing transparency of loan process at every level. Relationship Management features enables effective mortgage management for mortgage brokers, borrowers and branch managers in the mortgage loan & purchase industry.

The solution ensures
Communicate with borrowers and partners via a single, branded site
Give all partners access to a secure, online business center where they can view the progress of referred client applications
Keep borrowers in the loop with online status updates
CRM Capabilities to Manage & Market Contacts
CRM in any business means better business activities management/coordination. Our solution includes
Organize customer contacts and leads
Set reminders to follow up on future opportunities
Execute and manage multi-channel and multi-step marketing campaigns to increase repeat business and strengthen relationships with referral partners

Complete Lead Management
The Lead Management System is a web based system for managing and distributing leads. By automating most of the lead management functionalities, our Lead Management System saves time and money for companies.

Highlights of Lead Management System:
Ability to charge different lead buyers different rates by introducing different subscription plans
Lead buyers receive their leads within seconds
Lead buyers can sign themselves up, choose their own criteria, add money to their account, and start receiving leads without ever needing to talk with lead management team
Set daily and monthly lead limits for the lead buyers as per the pre defined business criteria (area wise, city wise etc.)
Lead buyers set auto subscription facility to extend their relationship with lead management system
Lead Return Management
Lead buyers apply for lead refunds online and must choose from predetermined reasons for refunding. Lead management system grants or denies lead refunds online in seconds. The system checks what reasons lead buyers are giving for refunds so they can audit the leads.

Lead Upload Management (Pre Defined Format)

Lead management team chooses pre-defined lead format for xls, .csv type of files. Entire sales team submits lead details in this format and our solution uploads thousands of leads within each file instantly on main lead database. We take care of necessary customization as per the business requirements.

Lead Sales Management

Lead buyers track overall performance of their business relationship with lead management system. The system offers parameter analysis like lead download ratio, lead returned ratio, lead returned allocation, lead download allocation and lead access allocation to view overall sales activities.
CMS (Content Management System)
Our user-friendly Content Management System helps you create, deliver, customize and manage all your web content. Application/site layout, pages and page content, banners and menu can be dynamically managed from the back-end administration.

Marketing Campaign Management
Whether it is Promotional Flyers or company brochures, our Marketing Campaign Management solution makes your marketing campaigns effortless, but effective. Rigel Networks’ solution offers an automated marketing collateral management system that streamlines the creation and distribution of marketing collateral among clients.

Upload sales and marketing material (letters, brochures, etc.) and create rules to update these documents to clients on appropriate time. This includes “Mail Campaign & “Print Campaign” management.

We develop solution that integrates client’s information (Name, Address, E- Mail IDs etc.) with marketing collaterals (E-mail, Print) & allow customization for each client
Dashboard Management
The solution offers Dashboard to manage Primary business tasks:
Calendar Management
Task Management
Contact Management

User & User Role Management

Different types of user roles, such as loan officer, loan processor, branch manager etc., are formed and appropriate users are assigned within each user group for restricted access of users on solution.
Business Report Generation
Our solution will enable you to compile the important data needed to manage the entire mortgage business into a single report. Certain features of the report include “Track monthly loan volume”, “Average loan amount”, “Lender analysis” and much more.

Case Studies
Client Testimonial
“You are the best outsourcing company I have ever come across. I had a hard time finding a reliable company. You made me a believer.”

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