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Rigel Networks
Life @ Rigel
At Rigel Networks, there’s life beyond work. We have an atmosphere where you can balance your work with your personal life.

We strongly believe that employees feel satisfied when they have a good personal life as well. We conduct various work-life balancing programs that create productive work culture while minimizing the potential for tensions between work and other aspects of the life. Self-help workshops and recreational activities filled with loads of fun and excitement are regularly held for associates and their family members. We have a number of invigorating work-life balancing programs that keeps the energy level high for our associates.

Today, striking balance between work and personal life is becoming a great concern for employees. The majority no longer choose between children and a career: they want both. We support them by enabling them to fulfill their work and home responsibilities equally. For this reason our main focus is on providing facilities for small children and family members in need of care.

Motivated employees give their best and bring their creativity to the benefit of company. At Rigel Networks, we promote a corporate culture that imparts a high level of motivation among our employees to strike balance between work and personal life. We therefore offer services that support the family, flexible working hours and many health, sport and leisure provisions – across our facilities.

If you are looking for more support, opportunity and reward, Rigel Networks is the name you can count on. Your contribution—no mater how small or how big—will always get noticed by the team members and management. Join us and make a difference, not just to the world of IT but to your career!

Please refer to Current Openings section to get the exact details of available job openings. You may send us your updated profile on our email id Our HR team will speak to you upon your profile getting short-listed for our requirements.

Our Work Culture
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Employee Speaks
“Rigel is the best place to learn new technologies. I have got an exposure of different areas that helps me to build my capabilities”

Alpa Patel
Software Engineer
“I am proud to be a part of Rigel team. At Rigel, I got an opportunity to lead the team & the support from senior is always tremendous”

Darshan Thaker
Senior Software Engineer