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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Learning @ Rigel
Growth through Learning and Leadership
Rigel Networks focuses on offering learning programs through a state-of-the-art infrastructure and “Learning Management System” that directly addresses key business and performance mandates. 40% of all learning at Rigel Networks is delivered virtually. The company has a carefully designed learning and development strategy to meet the entire life cycle of an associate from entry level to senior leaders. Our primary responsibility is to prepare entry-level talent, enabling growth and preparing a pipeline of specialists. Rigel Networks is a preferred company to start a career across Gujarat, India. To nurture the mid-level specialists in tune with current and future opportunities is being one of the key responsibilities at Rigel Networks. Rigel Networks creates and delivers role-focused learning products, team and business competencies are being strengthened by aligning learning services accordingly.

Leaders and Associates are encouraged to teach, share their experiences and mentor to enrich and accelerate the pace of learning.

Growing Leaders
Leadership in an organization is responsible to provide continuity towards creating future for an organization. Talented knowledge workers are considered as a resource to organizational processes. In turn, it ensures that organizations are able to compete and survive in the future. Hence, leadership in knowledge as well as organizations need to define strategies, develop systems, motivate, and retain knowledge workers.

To grow leaders faster than competition is one of the key strategies through which Rigel Networks is being differentiated in a highly competitive global market. Customers today seek trusted advisors and winning partnerships – a relationship that goes beyond a ‘project mindset’. What may sustain this relationship is that our ability to deliver business solutions instead of technology interventions. In a broader worldview, this translates as the ability to lead cross-cultural teams, management skills of the highest order. Rigel Networks programs are focused on gearing up leaders with key traits that are required to succeed as a global leader capable of engaging customers, associates and investors in a manner that lends them a competitive edge.

Right Environment for Becoming of Leaders
Offer “Leadership” opportunities in a short time (if capability meets management’s expectations)
An opportunity to lead multiple projects
Client interaction opportunities
Right training program before handing over responsibilities
Regular on time feedback shared by project managers
An opportunity to be a part of certain external workshops (Topics like “Conflict Management” “Team Management” “How to Appraise Your Subordinates?” etc.)

Our Work Culture
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Employee Speaks
“Rigel is the best place to learn new technologies. I have got an exposure of different areas that helps me to build my capabilities”

Alpa Patel
Software Engineer
“I am proud to be a part of Rigel team. At Rigel, I got an opportunity to lead the team & the support from senior is always tremendous”

Darshan Thaker
Senior Software Engineer