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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Support Services
Rigel Networks’ support services range from remote server maintenance services to data entry services for companies. We are powered by the superior technical expertise, customer management abilities and diagnostic skills to offer high quality support solutions to our valuable clients. Driven by outstanding experience and high quality IT support services, we are at our best to keep capital costs and operation expenditure down. We provide customized and world class customer technology support services to our clients to retain and build their customer base.

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Data Entry Services            

Remote Server Maintenance Services
In today's busiest business environment, system uptime is crucial, particularly when competitors are just a mouse click away. Rigel Networks’ remote server maintenance services provide the peace of mind that allows focusing on business, rather than technology. To ensure optimal system performance and availability, Rigel Networks provides Remote Server Management / Maintenance for Remote and Onsite contract support to a wide range of clients, from single workstation to super computer cluster-based enterprises.
Rigel Networks’ remote annual maintenance agreements are available at fixed monthly rates or per incident rates
Remote systems monitoring and diagnostic support for OS and applications are available on a 24/7 basis from our technical support center
Rigel Networks’ monitors through remote server and sends alerts to clients regarding security issues, bug reports and software enhancements
Incremental upgrades are also provided on a regular basis to ensure the optimal performance of the systems

SEO Services........Know More
Rigel Networks offers world class SEO services to its clients. Since inception, Rigel Networks has built a good reputation for results in natural as well as organic search engine optimization. Our service offering includes industry research, competitors' research, Keyword /phrase research analysis, search engine rankings-all aimed at promoting website, increasing traffic, providing top rankings in search engines and finally promoting business. Overall offerings are as follows:
Pre Phase SEO Activities
Keyword Analysis Research & Report
Benchmark Search Engine Position Report
Content Optimization
HTML Optimization
Manual Search Engine Submissions / Registrations
Link Development Program
Website Analysis / ROI Tracking
Work Reports

Post Phase SEO Activities
Ongoing Position Maintenance
Index Monitoring
Link Popularity Maintenance
Log File Analysis
Designing Services
Our designing team works with customers to determine the best strategy for their designing and marketing needs. They can communicate directly with our professional designers to determine the most effective strategy to enhance their visual presentation and branding. Our overall designing service offerings are as follows:

Logo Designing
Logo is one of the main means for creating a corporate image. A good, striking and eye-catching logo can attract more customers. We help customers to create impressive logos in various styles following their requirements and considering the nature of business.
Designing Our designers are highly experienced and can apply their creativity for newsletter designing. We can design attractive themes which can reflect customer’s direct objectives and offerings which can be used for marketing initiatives.
Brochure Designing
Our graphic designers can add professionalism to the company’s brochure with their creative expertise using designing tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
Website Designing
Technology-driven and best-of-breed solutions from Rigel Networks can help in creating perfect brand image for the company with a pleasing and user-friendly website design where the functionalities meet user’s expectations.
Banner Designing
Banner designing is essential for advertising through print media, online media, or any other media. Our designers can create effective banners which can reflect the objective of the customer and the business.
Flash Designing
Our talented team helps customers to create their company’s presentation with creative thinking, thereby winning half the deal by dynamic presentation.
Web Hosting Services
By helping the customers to register their business name to the Internet world, we offer low cost domain name registration, domain forwarding, domain masking and domain name locking services for web portal. By delivering high performance hosting, we ensure that the site is never overloaded and is available up without any internet application issues.
Help Desk Services
Our helpdesk services team is comprised of qualified customer service and support specialists, software trainers, computer specialists and engineers with diverse backgrounds required to provide relevant technical support to customers. Currently the area of operations revolves around website navigation and troubleshooting, diagnostics, software, installations and setup with a focus on providing dedicated support. Our overall help desk service offerings are as follows:

Technical Support
Product Information and Support
Installation, Setup and Repair
Training for Software
Crisis Resolution
Website Navigation Assistance
Research & Innovation Services
Innovation is a key ingredient for success in every industry. To succeed, businesses must continually surge forward to produce new and better ideas. Information Technology (IT) is ideally suited to be a company’s innovation champion. To gain competitive advantage Rigel Networks gives direction and collaborates with thinkers, creators and sponsors to develop advanced solutions. We have developed several new applications with extensive research and analysis on various domains.

For video security, Rigel Networks has done enormous research and has come out with the effective solution. We have designed the security system which works on “Motion Detection” concept and alerts the client for any incident through SMS, email or MMS. To know more about this, please refer Video Security & Surveillance Offerings.

Every business person dreams of changing the world through innovation. The higher one climbs, the more one needs an Innovation. Considering this, Rigel Networks is committed to doing intensive R&D for developing new applications by studying client’s business and doing usability analysis.

Every business person dreams of changing the world through innovation. The higher one climbs, the more one needs an Innovation. Considering this, Rigel Networks is committed to doing intensive R&D for developing new applications by studying client’s business and doing usability analysis.
Data Entry Services
If any of our customers look forward to data entry work for their business activities, we can help them achieve their business objectives as we Rigel Networks always believe in offering “end to end” solutions to its customers.

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