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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
How We Work
We bring together 'transformational outsourcing' driven by innovation and value creation, and offer integrated portfolio of services including application software, web portals, product engineering and remote infrastructure management services. Our customer centric Global Engagement Model combines local, senior, on-site resources with cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations. We build & grow relationships. We work to become long-term strategic partner of our customers to help them achieve their business and technology objectives. We integrate projects, processes and people to become an extension of our client's IT organization. We assess every engagement with customer success, in-project evaluations and repeat customer interviews to ensure that every engagement is properly aligned with their business goals. We have supported many early stage companies who are known to come up with innovative products and solutions, in building prototypes & Proof of Concept that have been show cased to Angle Investors & Venture Capitalists to procure funding. Such engagements have later on developed into long term engagement, spanning across multiple products and services, with Rigel Networks as their strategy partner.

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