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Accounting - Feature Glimpse
Seamlessly Integrated with QuickBooks
This technology-driven solution by Rigel Networks is a true QuickBooks add-on. It imports /exports items, such as customer / vendor account details and other information from or to QuickBooks. This easy-to-use application helps users not to enter data twice. The solution maintains all the transaction details and offers easy-to-understand, detailed reports. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks.

Sales Orders Management
Rigel Networks solution offers a one-stop solution to manage all sales orders. Sales person can create sales orders on receiving a purchase order from a customer. Sales orders can have multiple shipping dates. Sales person can maintain multiple shipping addresses for each customer for the same order. Additionally, both inventory and non-inventory details can be added to sales orders. Our solution addresses wide range of client’s concerns like providing details of stock in hand.

For the items that are not available in stock, sales person can create purchase orders directly from the sales order. When purchase order is received, it will automatically fill the respective sales order. Sales orders support email, sales taxes, foreign currency, order approval, multiple shipping addresses and multiple shipping dates.

Work Order Management
Our solution for work order management is one of the greatest ways to exploit workflow competence. QuickBooks does not track finished goods when manufactures purchase raw materials and produce finished products. All these complex tracking are possible with our “Online Inventory & Sales Management” solution. It makes the necessary transfers within QuickBooks.

For production, users create a work order. This work order contains a “Component List” that details the quantity and location of the components that go into production. The application will automatically fill the underlying sales order. Once the work order is completed, application automatically creates an entry in QuickBooks, which increases the quantities and values of finished goods simultaneously reducing the quantities and values of components which are used for production.

Customer Shipments & Returns
Rigel Networks has developed a proven implementation methodology for customer's shipments and returns. Users fill a sales order by creating one or more shipment documents. A shipment document has two states, “Shipped” and “Allocated”. By scanning bar code, details of items that are shipped can easily be entered. The solution counts number of pieces and calculates weight. Customer returns and credit memo is easily recorded in QuickBooks.

Inventory Management
Rigel Networks provides an integrated solution for complete Inventory Control for small, medium and large organizations. Inventory for finished goods and all ingredients (that are used to produce goods or work orders) are managed properly by the solution.

Production Steps Tracking
The solution helps users to track production procedures or operations before particular components are allocated for work order.

Advance Inventory Control Features
Our solution adds an advance inventory control to QuickBooks items. Users can easily view quantities on hand, purchase order and items required details. By running the reorder analysis, our solution compares the current inventory with user’s reorder point or required amount. By a single click, users can add all those items to purchase even if they are from different vendors.
Capacity Reporting
Rigel Networks carrier-grade solution provides manufacturing companies the ability to define production routing steps and to group those steps into production centers. By utilizing the work order functionality, users can report capacity status, identify bottlenecks and measure available capacity.

FIFO / Specific Identification Costing
QuickBooks uses the weighted average cost to record cost of goods sold when items are sold and value inventory on the balance sheet. In cases when there are numerous fluctuations in cost, the weighted average cost may not be appropriate. Rigel Networks’ solution offers “Parallel Ledger” whereby FIFO or specific identification is used for costing while QuickBooks continues to use weighted average cost.

Bill of Materials (BOM)
A Bill of Materials (BOM) is like a recipe. Users indicate which components and their quantities go into the production of an item. Once BOM setup takes place, it is utilized over and over on work orders. Users can always change the components on a work order without affecting the original BOM. A particular component can be used in multiple BOM and users can indicate special instructions for each component of a BOM without affecting the items in the original description. There may be an unlimited number of components in a BOM. In addition, users have sub assemblies nested in a term with full cost roll-up. So an item with a BOM can be a component in another BOM, which can be a component in other BOM. Users can add non-inventory and service items in BOMs. This is a great way to track processes, such as machining and costs - labor and overhead.
Better Costing & Pricing Decisions
Our solution calculates markup and margin using the “Purchase Cost”. In addition, users can view the cost for parts or non-parts or both.

Rigel Networks expert solution offers categorized reports to its users, which would help users to take expert business decisions. All reports are customizable with the ability to choose the fields to be printed, advanced filtering, sorting options, and exporting to Excel, PDF, RTF, and HTML.

Custom Fields

This feature offers users the capability to add more details to the available features within the system. Here, the data is defined as text, numeric, date, currency etc. Users can also define a pick list for selecting data.
Eliminate RDS
Our advanced solution offers the functionality that allows users to work without connecting to QuickBooks. It is based on queuing technology, which eliminates the need for users to be connected to QuickBooks.

Bar Code Printing & Scanning
Users can print labels with bar codes for their items directly from the source transaction. Our solution comes pre-loaded with “Avery” labels and it allows users to design their own labels to work with any windows printer. Scan bar codes directly into the database. The application will recognize the item’s part number, UPC, vendor part number, or manufacturer’s part number.

Automated Purchase Orders Management
Rigel Networks solution has a complete purchase order module. Purchase orders are created from the reorder analysis, work order, sales order, or directly from the purchase order screen. Purchase order is created one at a time or in batch. Our solution tracks the work orders and sales orders that depend on purchase orders. In addition, it maintains complete histories of receive and return transactions on purchase orders.

The reorder analysis enables you to create batch purchase orders or work order for multiple vendors and items at the same time. The reorder analysis provides more information instantly as well as flexibly. The reorder analysis works with an item’s multiple vendors so users can change the default vendor and view different costs & lead times.
Receive & Return Management
Users can receive and return items through this solution. Users can receive both inventory and non-inventory items. Users can receive directly from a purchase order or from the “Receiving” screen. Solution’s “Receiving” form allows scanning bar codes that adds to the item to the receiving list and automatically reduces human errors. Users can enter lot/serial # from the receiving form.

Lot / Serial Number Tracking
Our solution has the ability to track Lot/Serial Numbers. This allows tracking of Lot/Serial Number of items bought, used in production, and shipped to customers.

Foreign Currency Management
Doing business with foreign firms becomes easier with our solution. Sales orders, quotes, packing lists and purchase orders are automatically converted into foreign currency while user’s all internal reports are reflected in user’s home currency.
Multiple Warehouses & Bins
Location tracking allows tracking the movement of inventory from, to, and between locations, such as multiple warehouses, direct shipments to customers or vendors, consignment inventory or components at sub-contractors. Whenever an Item Bill is received or, work order/ship doc is created, the location is specified. This makes the tracking of the location effortless. Users can view and analyze summary and detail information of items by location or locations by item.

Cycle Counting
Cycle counting functionality allows companies to quickly and easily print count sheets and record physical inventories or cycle counts in a timely and efficient manner.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC Application for Overall Business
Our futuristic solution is also developed for “Windows Mobile Platform”. It covers all the main modules, such as Production, Warehouse, Sales and Purchase. This Pocket PC application is synchronized properly with desktop application for better business process management.

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“Our Company considers Rigel as a very reliable outsourcing development team. We are completely satisfied with the service provided by Rigel. The functionality and performance of developed software enable us to achieve our business goals.”

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