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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Competitive Advantage
Since its inception, Rigel Networks has served several industries and has created wide and rich portfolio. Expertise in various industrial domains enhanced our ability to develop an array of industry specific applications for,
Jewelry   Retail
Hospitality   Healthcare
Construction & Roofing   Video Security
Accounting   Entertainment & Leisure
Mortgage & Finance      

Collaborative Approach

In the perpetual beta world, software product development requires a fundamentally different approach than traditional "throw over the wall" outsourcing or “linear” development methodologies. Rigel Networks' team seamlessly partners with clients to ensure the start with proper business understanding and to enable approach for extreme programming and other rapid / iterative methodologies.

Higher ROI
Rigel Networks delivers the right business results on time and within the budget, that maximizes client’s returns on the investment. For clients who can use an offshore approach, we distribute work globally using our unique onshore/offshore model — Global Distributed Delivery — to realize the potential of offshore without the compromise. We have designed and refined the Rigel Networks approach to overcome the fundamental reasons that IT initiatives fail to deliver the intended business value. Further, we also adapted this approach to work globally to address the challenges inherent in offshore approaches — challenges that increase the risk of failure. We deliver superior returns, on onshore, offshore and combined solutions.

Quality and Cost
Software development is our Passion and we pursue our passion as profession here at Rigel Networks,therefore our clients have and will always enjoy the cost and quality benefits with us. In spite of stiff competition in IT sector, we are always open to price reviews without compromising on the quality of our software solutions.

Customer-Tailored Approach
Rigel Networks has good experience in providing offshore software development services to the customers worldwide. We are process-flexible and can adjust our software development model as per the customer’s requirement and time-frame. We are committed to deliver quality service with continuous focus on growing customer’s business.

Project Communication
Our project managers are experienced, committed and successful at delivering the projects. We strongly believe in keeping the dialogue on during and after the project completion, leaving no room for communication gaps of any sort, hence our client servicing team is available 24x7 to address the client queries or participate in quick discussions. The complete software development process is transparent and client is updated about the project status on regular basis.

Passionate Team
Rigel Networks is a young, nimble team with passion for delivering superior software solutions, products and customer service. Rigel Networks believes in Indian values of global oneness as 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam' (whole planet as a family) and shares the common vision and conceptual outlook towards the future with clients.

Technical Excellence
Rigel Networks has great expertise across emerging technologies. We have experienced team of software and web developers with hands on Microsoft.NET technologies and other web and server technologies.

Our professionalism and technical expertise has ensured in retaining our valuable clientele across the globe for which we are very thankful and secretly proud as well.

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Our Work Culture
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