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Hospitality - Feature Glimpse
Multiple Property Management
The carrier-class Property Management system by Rigel Networks’ allows hotel management groups to remotely oversee and monitor a number of geographically distant properties (motels and hotels) from a centralized location.

Multiple Hotels Budgeting System
Easy-to-use and accessible budgeting system developed by our experts import data (Payroll, Inventory, House Keeping, Revenue, Market Segment, Night Audit, etc.) from all hospitality properties. It generates a comprehensive set of reports for recording and analyzing for budgeting purpose.

Budgeting System features include:
Successful integration with all hotel functions
Offers hotel managers, company executives and owners a Web-based, fully integrated business intelligence tool
Takes managers out of office and put them back into operation
Shares real-time information and keeps data for historical purposes/budgeting
Revenue Management
Rigel Networks’ solution analyzes “Rooms Available” and “Room Sales”. In addition, it automatically calculates the effects of a change in either Occupancy % or ADR from a profitability or loss standpoint and accurately details the impact it will have on overall revenue.

Payroll Management
Automatic and integrated attendance marking Payroll management system developed by our professionals provides information, such as total hours spent by all employees/ particular employee group, total gross pay for all employees / particular employee group, Weekdays gross pay, Weekend gross pay, cost POR, cost PAR, etc. Our expertise in this field has enabled us to provide a complete solution for payroll analysis of all hotel properties.
Inventory Management
Although many changes had happened in business setups, the central principles of Inventory Management and Inventory Control continue to be the same. Our inventory management system calculates “Stock Items” and “Track Usage & Waste” for all hotels. Our system features include housekeeping supply, continental breakfast, office supplies, food & beverages, restaurant utensils, hotel room properties (dustbin, tables, Towels, Napkins etc.) and All Types of Maintenance Supplies.
Housekeeping Management
As the quality of management and administrative teams are being challenged in this field, our proven solution assures better visibility in Housekeeping Management. Our System allows scheduling housekeepers based on projected occupancy using the built-in scheduler. Housekeepers are assigned for different rooms and tasks (cleaning, washing, etc.). Reports are generated for all different tasks. Desk person can easily track if the housekeeping work is done or pending.

Night Audit Management
Night auditing is a crucial process in “Hotel” business. The system manages each point (Revenue, Payments, Taxes, Room Statistics, Triple Ledger Validation etc.) for “Night Auditors” of each hotel property in seconds. Our night audit management system guarantees that each single penny is accounted for and every drawer is unbiased.

Auto Alerts Management
Alerts are integrated with different analysis parameters on system. Users (Manager) assign alerts to particular employee group (desk people) etc., if any parameter exceeds the normal value. This controls the overall processes of hotels.
User & User Role Management
Different types of user roles (based on work profile) are formed and appropriate users are assigned within each user group for restricted access of users on system.

User Logs Management
To avoid the possibility of hacking on system, user log details can be tracked by covering “System IP Address”, “Login Time”, “Logout Time” and “Visited Section/Sub Sections”.

Dashboard Management
Through our Dashboard Management solution, a user-friendly dashboard is created that covers overall highlights of all important business tasks including comparison, all hotel properties’ basic real-time details, overall analysis in graph, alert updates, etc.
Calendar Management
By the help of calendar management, users can manage multiple activities. Some of these activities are
Task Management
Alerts Management
Remainder Management
Contact Management

Online Hotel Reservation
Rigel Networks’ online hotel reservation system is designed to meet all online booking needs. This system provides an easy-to-use configuration panel for site administrator/hotel owner. By offering a dedicated interface for users, they can search for available rooms and reserve the same after finishing payment formalities. Online reservation system provides customized payment gateway integration, which allows websites to accept payments online, thereby making it easier for customers to book rooms.

Some of its key features are:
Auto generated booked emails
Allowing the administrator/hotel owners to run campaign with newsletter
Decreased administration cost
Increased direct sale to the travelers
Report Management
Hotel Budgeting System: Our system analyzes the data of all hotel properties and generates reports instantly. Each and every business area is covered via different type of reports, such as the following:
Actual Performance vs. Budgeted Performance
Daily Statistics
Hotel Properties Comparison (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly etc.)
Weekdays/Weekend Payroll Department Wise
Weekdays/Weekend Overall Revenue Report
Available Inventory Stock Report

Hotel Reservation System: Online hotel reservation system designed by our experts allows websites to keep track of their business by providing various Reports and a list of reporting modules are available with online reservation engine, which gives in-depth details like the following:
Daily Collection
Revenue and Rooming List Reports
Monthly Sales Report
Hotel Statistics Report
CMS (Content Management System)
With our Content Management System, dynamically manage your Web site layout, Web pages and page content, banners and menu links from the back-end administration.

Back-End Administration
Various primary tasks can be managed and supervised from back-end by administrator / hotel owner using our solution. Some of such tasks are as follows:
Hotel Room Rates Management
Hotel Amenities Management
Room Bookings Requests Management
Deals and Discounts Management
Restaurant Food Item Details Management (Price, Specialties, Ingredients, etc.)
Restaurant Food Items Management (Add New Item, Delete Item, Edit Item, etc.)
Marketing Agent Management
If you want to market your site via resellers, you can manage your resellers using our solution. Certain features of our solutions include:
Lead Management
Contact Management
Marketing Communication Management
Newsletter Management

Restaurant Menu Management

Dedicated access of menu items using our Menu Management System provides the Owners an opportunity to share the latest updates on menu (about price, new items, service info. deals, discounts, coupon code, etc.). End users (customers) can refer to this latest information via menu and place their orders online.
Payment Gateway Integration
For instant online credit card payment (for hotel reservation payment, online menu item order, etc.), our solution offers an integrated payment gateway provided by, Pay Pal and so on.

Auto Payment: Auto recurring payment facility is also integrated as per the business requirements. After the completion of specific time period, pre-set amount will be deducted for next subscription through this facility.

Restaurant Search (Zip Code Wise) & Google Map Integration
Restaurant Search (Zip Code Wise) & Google Map Integration Restaurant information is mapped with appropriate area zip code. By entering the zip code, users can find restaurants/hotels within their area and view details.

Address details are integrated with “Google Map” for users to get exact driving direction details.

Case Studies
Client Testimonial
“Rigel was able to quickly translate our loosely defined needs into manageable project objectives. The end product was exactly what we were hoping for".

- Well Known Multiple Hotelier in US