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Clinical Process Management
Overall clinical assessment procedure is divided into certain phases for easy management.
Intake Management: This module manages basic formalities, which have to be finished by patients to avail healthcare services.
Eligibility Management: This module manages the Patient’s eligibility (approvals/disapprovals) for healthcare services.
Scheduling Management: This module helps you to schedule the Patient’s healthcare services in appropriate shifts and days.
Staffing Management: This module enables you to manage the allotment of staff (RN Case Manager, Nurse, and Physical Therapist) for patient’s healthcare services.
RN Case Manager Management: This module helps you to manage all the initial level medical assessments for newly assigned patients as well as existing patients.
Nurse / Physical Therapist Management: This module allows RN Case Manager to assign patient assessment tasks to nurse/physical therapist.
Intake Management
“Intake Coordinator” fills the following details about the patient for healthcare service:
Personal Details: Address, Phone Nos., etc.
Referral Details: Reference person’s detail
Payer Source: Insurance details
Type of Patient: Short-term /long-term healthcare service
Physician Hospital Details: Patient’s primary and secondary physician’s details as well patient’s last admitted clinic details
Diagnosis:Primary and Secondary diagnosis details
Patient’s Medical History Details: Patient’s medical treatment details

Nurse / Physical Therapist Management
This covers routine follow-up of all tasks defined by RN Case Manager for each patient. After the completion of each assigned task, the status (i.e. Health reading etc.) is updated to each patient’s medical copy.
Alert Management
Certain medical parameters are configured within the solution. On exceeding the normal limit of the same, alerts are sent to assigned staff members to take care of patients.

Report Management
The solution covers different types of reports that share each insight of patient’s health. This includes:
Patient Report
Patient Schedule Report
RNCM Schedule Report
Nurse Schedule Report
Patient Eligibility Report

Patient Data /Record Management
This solution manages all attributes of clinical assessment activities for each patient.

User Management
Identify a role for each staff member (Intake Coordinator, RNCM Manager, Nurse, etc.). Define a different security level for each member to provide access to the appropriate information on clinical assessment solution.

Form Attributes Management
Attributes of all forms are changed by dedicated back-end admin section.

Task Management
All users (coordinators, RNCM Managers, Physical Therapist, Nurses, etc.) assign tasks to each other to manage interdependent clinical assessment activities on solution.

Eligibility Management
Patient’s “Payer Source (Insurance)” is verified under this module.

After verification, options “Yes”, “No”, “Yes with Partial Approval”, and “Under Process” are assigned to patient.

On allocating “Yes” or “Yes with Partial Approval” options, patient becomes eligible for next phase processes for a specific time period. The solution offers “Approved Patient List” report, which covers such patient’s information.

For on time and effective management, the solution offers “15 Days Expiration List” and “30 Days Expiration List” reports (This covers information of those patients whose eligibility expires within 15 / 30 days).
The expiration time limit always depends upon the pre- defined business rules.
Scheduling Management
Patient’s authorization period (healthcare service time period), Shift types, number of shifts, number of nurses and types of nurses are scheduled under this module.

Initially, the patient is allocated for total number of shifts and then for each shift “Shift start time”, “Shift end time”, or “Shift recurrence patient” is assigned.

Entire scheduling process covers the following approach

Patient Add Authorization Time Select Shift Type Select No. of Shifts Select Nurse Type Select No. of Nurses Schedule Shift.

Staffing Management
This includes allocation of RN Case Manager, Nurses and Physical Therapist for each patient’s healthcare service. The solution searches “Staff Members” from the database and allocates appropriate free member for patient’s healthcare service.

R N Case Manager Management
RN Case Manager tracks new patients from “Newly Assigned Patients List” section available on solution.
This assessment covers different types of following form details for a patient.
Initial assessment form
Assessment of activities
Outcome based activity
30 Days case conference form
Home safety evaluation
60 days utilization preview
Medication profile form
Treatment profile form
Plan of care selection
Aide instruction test

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