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Rigel Networks
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Multiple Language Support
Rigel Networks provides easy-to-use entertainment solutions that allow the end users to translate website content into any language or multiple languages with just a click of the button.

Profile Management
By using our proven profile management solutions, members can create normal profile that includes photos, age, gender, hair & eye colors, height, body type, languages, occupation, education, about me and much more.
Members can create both video profile and SMS profile that add values to their normal profile. Different profiles ensure access of different types of entertainment content on a site.
Multiple Photos
Members can upload multiple photos on site and set appropriate photo for appropriate profile (i.e., different photos for different profiles)

Search Profiles
By using our basic or advanced search options, members can search other profiles. Members can search profiles by gender, age, location, and other profile questions, such as favorite movies, hobbies, sports etc. In addition, our solution offers options to search profiles by zip code and by distance within a country. Search query can be saved for quick re-search in the future. In the search results, members can refer to details whether a member is online or offline on the site and chat room; and see the members who are using web cam etc.
ZIP Code Profile Search
Members can search for profiles which are close to their location, based on their zip code. When creating a profile, a member is asked to enter his/her zip code. That information is then sent to the database and used to retrieve profiles within the specified distance of the member's profile.

Favorite, Blocked and Viewed List
Favorite List - Members can bookmark the profiles in which they are interested in.
Blocked List - Members have the facility to block profiles whom they do not want any communication.
Viewed List - Members can see who's viewed their profile and whom they've viewed on site.
Chat Management
Members can chat freely with other members (who are online) in real time per their convenience. By using chat management application, members can send private messages to other members and send emoticons to break the ice while sending messages.

Chat Room Management
Members have a variety of chat room options (like Astrology, Asia, Young, Old etc.). Members can also create their own chat rooms and invite members for dating.
Online Message Management
Our solution allows the members to send, receive and reply online messages. Members will be notified by email or SMS (based upon their subscription) when there's a new message in their inbox.

Video Dating Management
Taking the chatting to the next level, our solution offers something more than plain text chat. Our video dating solution allows members to see and talk to each other anywhere in the world if they have video cameras.

Video Shows Management
By using our user-friendly video shows management, members can create video shows online. On pre-scheduled date & time, video shows are broadcasted. Other members will be able to subscribe for such entertainment services after completion of certain payment formalities.

On subscription of such entertainment service, members are intimated about “Video Shows Timing Details” on their emails or mobile phones.
SMS Dating Management
Our SMS dating solution allows members to communicate with each other on mobile phones via SMS. Members have to subscribe for this service that follows certain procedures (like verification code confirmation, etc.). Necessary instructions are available on site to guide users for such entertainment service that ensures better usability of Web site.

Blog Management
This enables members to publish their own online journals keeping the world updated with their stories, news and other information. Other members can view or post their comments on these blogs.
Match Request Management
Our solution offers the members to request for match with particular profile on site. On raising this request, system asks certain questions to members. On answering all these questions, match result is shown with certain parameters like overall percentage, matched attributes etc., on site.

Mass Mail Management
Our Mass Mail Management features make Administrator’s job easy! It enables the Administrator to send mass email to members with newsletter, announcements or other events, just with one click.

Schedule to Send Matches to Members
This feature allows the Administrator to schedule the system to send matches to members via emails automatically at every week or month.
Create Free or Paid Membership Plans and Free Trial
Administrator can create free, paid or free-to-fee membership plans. For each plan, administrator can customize the features, such as Personal Profile, Search, Chat Room, Online Messages, etc. and then set price per month / half year / year.

Administrator can create free trial by creating a free plan and entering the number of days for the free trial period. Certain gender groups, such as “Female” etc., can also be allowed for free membership on site.

Setup Payment Method Support 40+ Payment Gateways
Different payment methods like credit card, net banking, ITZ cards etc., can successfully be integrated with our solutions. Our solutions support more than 40 payment gateways like “Pay Pal, Authorize.Net, Linkpoint and Pay flow Link.

Manage Members, Photos and Video Files
Administrator can view dating site members, their photos and video files. Administrator can enable, disable or delete them. In addition, Administrator can grant or upgrade a member from free membership to paid membership.
View Statistics and Reports
Administrator can view the details of website statistics, such as total visitors, unique visitors, visitor’s info (browser, country, IP address, etc.), referrals, visited pages, who’s online, who’s in chat room and much more.

Bad Words Filter
By using this advanced application, Administrator can set filters to avoid any abusive communication among members during dating.

Customized Toolbar Development

We build customized IE/Firefox toolbars that help companies to promote their brands among their online users. Certain advantages of such toolbar development are:
One-click access to company website and pages through an always present toolbar
Continuous and permanent presence of company’s identity on the user's browser
Keeps company logo and message persistent on the user's browser
Increased user retention and usagesdfsdsf

Case Studies
Client Testimonial
"This is the sign-off on the pipeline project. Will wonders never cease!"

- One of the Top 10 Dating Service Companies in Netherland