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Rigel Networks
B2B & B2C
Get an online store and watch profits soar!

Looking for a custom e-commerce solution that can rake in profits online?
A virtual storefront enabled with our custom e-commerce solutions can prove every bit as profitable as any physical store. Our custom e-commerce solutions are intended to get client's store online and running in no time at all. Our e-commerce sites maximizes the client's profit on 3 counts:

We create a virtual store for you, so there are no overhead costs of leasing a place, paying staff salaries or keeping inventory
Time saving for keeping track of orders, managing inventory, maintaining databases and managing online payments
Our custom e-commerce solution is a modular one. According to the requirements, we can easily integrate services offered by merchant account providers, digital certificate and shipping service providers, thus adding efficiency to client's business.

We provide simple shopping cart as well as full-fledged online shopping mall with different suppliers.

Our custom e-commerce solutions are basically of two types:
B2B (Business to Business) Solutions
B2C (Business to Consumer) Solutions

B2B Solutions (Business to Business)
We provide robust B2B solution that helps customers to partner with other companies and create a value chain to serve the end-users. Our customized B2B solutions can handle purchase orders, wholesale pricing, client login, auction, inventory management, order fulfillment, catalog management, reporting, client specific pricing and much more. This can be easily managed online with extremely usable graphical interface.

B2B Solutions Benefits
Information Exchange: Our B2B e-commerce solutions provide organizations with the opportunity to exchange real-time data and information between respective parties. The solutions also offer mechanism for better and effective communication between supply chain partners
Informed Decisions: The streamlined processes enable organizations to have a better understanding of the processes thereby enabling them to make better and informed decisions
Monitor Inventories: The solutions developed by Rigel Networks enable organizations to effectively monitor the status of the inventories thus ensuring that orders for the right quantities are placed
Reduced Costs: B2B solutions help in increasing inventory turnover, which results in reduced costs of products. Administration costs are also reduced as orders are placed and accessed electronically
Increase in efficiency: The B2B solutions enable organizations to reduce errors arising from the manual recording and tracking data and processes

B2C Solutions (Business to Consumer)
Our B2C (Business to Consumer) solutions allows customers to sell their products online without the presence of any middlemen. This raises profit margins as well as lowers the prices for the consumer. The system also facilitates a better understanding of customers since the B2C solutions helps to interact directly with them.

B2C Solutions Benefits
Companies can reach out to a larger customer base and increase their areas of operation
They can offer a greater variety of services and products online
B2C solutions are an effective marketing and promotion tool for companies
The solutions provide companies with a means to be available to their customer round the clock. Potential customers can browse a greater range of online catalogues without having to leave their homes or offices

Key Features of B2B & B2C Solutions:
Create & Manage Order Online
Oder Tracking
Manage Online Market Place
Browse Customer Specific Catalogue
View Customer Specific Pricing & Availability
Store Customer Information Online
Maintain Billing and Shipping Information Online
Increase Customer Service functionality
Works In Co-Ordination With Your Other Business Software
Easily Modified without Programming
Supports Product Catalogs and Images
Scalable Solution
Easy To Use Interface (For End User & Admin)
CMS To Manage Application Effectively
Extremely Affordable and Secure Business to Consumer Solutions
Secure Ordering Management
Sales Analysis & Site Tracking

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