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CMS (Content Management System)
Content Management System (CMS) supports the creation, management, distribution, publishing, and discovery of information. It covers the complete lifecycle of the pages on your site, from providing simple tools to create the content, through to publishing, and finally to archiving. It also provides the ability to manage the structure of the site, the appearance of the published pages, and the navigation provided to the users.

We understand that fast and efficient content management is central to the long-term success and viability of your business. With your goals in mind, we have developed unique website content management systems that allow the site owner to control, update and completely run a website on-line, without the need for additional software. Our developers can create a tailor-made solution for your website.

Feature Glimpse
Content Authoring Site Structure Management Version Management
Newsletter Management User & User Role Management User Logs Management
Blog Management Google Analytics Integration Support Multilingual Support
Translation Management Time Limit Management Fav Icon Management
SEO Integration Forum Management Wishlist Management
Photo Gallery Management        

Content Authoring
CMS contains a very sophisticated html-editor, including any common features together with an image manager. Possibility to create hyperlinks, integration with flash, audio, documents etc., possible to create content in Microsoft Word and to clean the Word formatting when pasting in a web page

Site Structure Management

The CMS also allows you to manage the structure of the site. That is, where the pages go, and how they are linked together. Many even offer simple drag-and-drop restructuring of the site, without breaking any links.

Version Management

Each page is saved into CMS. This stores all the content of the site, along with other supporting details. This central repository allows a range of useful features to be provided by the CMS:
Keeping track of all the versions of a page, and who changed what and when.
Ensuring that each user can only change the section of the site they are responsible for.

Content Publish Management

Content management systems boast powerful publishing engines which allow the appearance and page layout of the site to be applied automatically during publishing. Once the final content is in the repository, it can then be published out to either the website or intranet. It may also allow the same content to be published to multiple sites. These publishing capabilities ensure that the pages are consistent across the entire site, and enable a very high standard of appearance.

Newsletter Management

Important information about business (special offers, product launch, business shows, etc.) is periodically updated to users through email. The Newsletter Management feature enables administrators to design predefined mail templates to boost brand image. Also, users can subscribe for newsletter

User & User Role Management

Users have a profile and specific rights for specific languages. An email address is verified (activation link) when creating an account. Users are linked to user roles. You can create user roles as well. The read and edit rights of web pages are created by the user role and the consequences per individual user are immediately visible.

User Logs Management

To avoid the possibility of hacking on system, user log details can be tracked by covering “System IP Address”, “Login Time”, “Logout Time” and “Visited Section/Sub Sections”.

Blog Management

This enables members to publish their own online journals keeping the world updated with their stories, news and other information. Other members can view or post their comments on these blogs.

Google Analytics Integration Support

Admin can define “Google Analytics” code on each page of site via dedicated CMS. This helps to track users/visitors’ behavior on site

Multilingual Support

CMS allows users to translate website content into any language or multiple languages with just a click of the button.

Translation Management

Every created data language is put under translation management. This is integrated in version management and shows pages that have been changed in the source language and need to be reworked. The source page is visible during translation together with reference pages in other languages that are understood by that translator. It is possible to Hyperlink pages no matter which language is used.

Time Limit Management

Admin can assign time limit for users to visit the site after authentification. After particular limit, user is not allowed to navigate on site. Admin can also assign particular time slot for users to visit content of site.

Fav Icon Management

Fav Icon can be easily changed / replaced via CMS

SEO Integration

Admin can define “Meta Tag” “Meta Keywords” & “Meta Description” of each page on site via CMS

Forum Management

Admin can define topics for forum discussion & users take part in forums to share their ideas/views

Wishlist Management

While reviewing product online, users can add the same to wishlist for future reference and share their overall experiences about products. Website administrator reserves the right to delete unethical messages.

Photo Gallery Management

Users can create albums, upload photos in album & share URL with peer group. User can manage photo gallery efficiently on system

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