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Multiple Roofing Business Management
The system manages multiple roofing business activities for different roofing businesses at a time. Once the system gets integrated into the functions of roofing companies, it takes care of all roofing activities.

Sales Management
Activity Reports: The key to sales activity management is the ability to see how sales organization functions at any given time and generate roofing sales activity reports to improve the performance management for a roofing business company. Rigel Networks’ solution provides comprehensive reports of the sales metrics.

Tracking and Collaboration: Sales staff can track tasks and activities, schedule joint meetings, assign tasks to other team members, and set up activity templates for frequently or automatically assigned tasks.

Roofing Sales Representative: Coordinating roofing customer-facing activities and events is the crucial part of closing business and managing customer relationships. Roofing solution offers the sales activity management capabilities to help roofing companies to keep their sales activities organized.

Activity Scheduling: Schedule and set reminders for appointments and other activities for self and other users. Publish calendars for shared resources, such as company or team activities.

Team Roles (Employee Management): Identify a role for each team member (executive, sales manager, and sales representative). Define a different security level for each member to provide access to the appropriate information on roofing solution.

Real-Time Alerts: Set custom alerts and rules (big deal alerts, at-risk deals, and so on) to automatically notify individuals of critical business events.
Contact Management
Track complete customer information, such as re-roof prospect details, notes and history, appointments, to-do items, documents, and new re-roof opportunities
Access virtually unlimited date and time stamped notes as well as history of roofing company’s re-roof prospects and customers. View a list of notes and see the entire contents of a note
Attach roofing company rep/salesman to each re-roof prospect. Track each sales decision as the prospect is converted from prospect to customer
Quickly identify the last communication with a re-roof prospect from the contact tab
Access pre-defined templates to save time in writing e-mails and letters. Easily customize the HTML graphical templates to e-mail customers
Access company-wide account data, including re-roof prospect information, customers, and the role that each contact plays in roofing business relationship
Provide a web page on your site where your customers can submit requests for service
Schedule Management
The calendar allows setting default view to a day, week or month view at a glance
Schedule calls, meetings, to-dos quickly and easily
Use color-coding to promptly see the type of event on the calendar
Set up measurement appointments and sales calls
Filter calendar by employee - Easily view employee availability and instantly drill down into individual calendars
See today's and future activities with important alerts and reminders
Add personal events - Alert employees about important tasks and calendar changes with e-mail or text messaging
Quickly set up group meetings. Sends alerts to all participants
Set reminders and to-dos for both personal and business events
Access detailed note history for each appointment
Follow direct link to customer information
Access maps and driving directions for appointments from the calendar
Quickly determine time and distance between appointments
Access different calendar views: month, week, and day for all users
Access detailed information for each event

Online Selling for Metal Building Accessories
Information on different types of Metal building accessories (Like Walk doors, Windows, Sky lights, Exhaust fan, Cupola, Vents, Pipe flashing etc.) is placed on site. Users refer to all these details to shop online using available “Shopping Cart” feature.

Activity History

Track historical record of all activities (complete and pending) related to an account, contact or opportunity.
Roofing company sales managers get access to the activities of their reps and insight into sales pipelines
Roofing solution provides a powerful opportunity management, forecasting, and reporting on which roofing company owners understand roofing requirements and company’s productivity
Roofing company owners get accurate information so they can evaluate company's past performance while looking ahead to the future
With the powerful analytics that Roofing solution provides, owners have the real-time information they need to be effective
Bid Management
Entire “Bid Process” is managed through the following steps successfully on the solution. This ensures best satisfaction among customers.
Add pre-job photos into the bid
Build new bids easily by selecting three products in a "good, better, best" scenario
Edit existing bids for customers
Look up older bids easily for reference later. Many prospects buy up to two years after they receive a bid
Change individual quantities/prices on each line item for a bid
Select a product color easily to show the customer on the bid
Add bid comments to show up on final proposal
Add custom notes geared towards customers
Print bids in full color

Bid Tracking By Customers: Customers are given a “Unique ID” after successful bid application. They can track the status of their bid application from the roofing company website.
Product Management
Roofing solution offers different methods of inserting products into application. It has the ability:
To add many different products of different types
Set custom price for each aspect of a product
Add multiple manufacturer for roofing company
Add extra services that roofing company offers to customers
Set custom units/sizes for extra services as well as prices
Add products directly from manufacturer’s catalogues that are collaborated with roofing solution to increase their sales (Like CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning, ELK Roofing, etc.)

Marketing Collateral Management
The solution marks the customer with a “Sign Up Newsletter” once customer’s details are entered. As soon as the customer is allocated for measurement call, other newsletters (Pre appointment, Answer any questions, Delay apology, Start - Thank you, Follow up - One week, Follow up - Two week, Follow up - Three week, Follow up - Five week, Follow up - Eight week, Finish-Thank you Referral - Thank you) are directed to the respective customer’s account.

Each letter can be modified by the roofing contractor to meet the needs of a specific client or can send them as they are. Sales staff can schedule date and time to send letters to clients via emails.

Marketing Web Site Development

Roofing company’s marketing sites are designed in such a way that roofing companies can share their promotional content (Executed job details, Job site integration on map etc.) to prospects. Such sites can help roofing companies to find prospects (people who are interested for roofing) from the market.

Online Metal Building Design Estimation
A metal building is an economical choice and saves money in construction costs. Metal building design solution makes it easy for customers to design the building. Years of metal building design and engineering experience is integrated into the “Metal building design solution”. The "Design It Yourself" concept is designed to reduce costs. Customers can design endless metal building combinations without paying commission. After finalizing metal building design, customers request for quote to get an exact details about metal building pricing.

This keeps business associates away from real-time measurement coordination that after all saves time.

Online Metal Building Insulation Estimation

Professionally installed insulation system always returns more on its investment than any other building component. Insulation provides many benefits, such as improved appearance, greater comfort, substantial reductions in fuel and electricity costs, condensation and noise control, reduction of the amount of dollars investment and space needed for heating & cooling equipment.

Users view different types of metal building insulation types and request for quote online by assigning appropriate specification.

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“You are the best outsourcing company I have ever come across. I had a hard time finding a reliable company. You made me a believer.”

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