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Rigel Networks
Business Management Application
Businesses all over the world leverage Information Technology in innovative ways to gain competitive advantage. The complexities, arising out of market dynamics coupled with continuous expansions and ever-changing customer demands, are a constant challenges for the organizations. Therefore, the most critical requirement of today’s businesses is an enterprise-grade platform that can effectively and efficiently manage myriad business processes running across departments, systems, people, and business units. Considering the complex nature of today’s businesses, Rigel Networks has developed highly customizable enterprise solutions that meet the entire demands of business activities.

Associated Domains for Developed Solutions
Hospitality Home Healthcare

Hotel Business Management Application
Today’s Industry necessitates the use of state-of-the-art technical assistance in order to remain ahead of the curve, within a scenario of ever-growing intense competition by maintaining the expected professionalism and standards. Rigel Networks offers this assistance with an affordable alternative, a helpmate for the corporate world. This helpmate enables General Managers, Controllers and Owners to closely monitor the daily operations in greater depth. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit the many needs of today’s Hoteliers. It begins with the Night Auditors, the key individuals responsible for accuracy in generating all of our data. Upon completion of the Audit, the G.M. will be able to review all prior day activity, using industry standard statistics, pre-calculated, never leaving his desk, thus affording him more time to spend interacting with guests and staff.

Features – Hotel Business Management Application
Highly Configurable & User Friendly
Very Easy to Use
Web-Based Access & Reporting
Customize User Access Details
Complete & Comprehensive Data Management
Dashboard Management
Revenue Budgeting
Payroll Budgeting
Housekeeping Budgeting
Calendar Management
Employee Management
User Tracking
Home Healthcare Business Management Application
This application manages entire clinical assessment business. The entire process passes through different phases. All phases are managed efficiently by this application.

Features – Home Healthcare Business Management Application
Patient Intake Procedure Management
Eligibility Management
Staffing & Scheduling
R N Case Manager
User Management
Employee Management

Benefits to Customers
Simple, easy-to-use, interactive interface for Analysts and Management personnel to effortlessly model, modify, and apply business rules
Ensure full regulatory compliance
Active tracking and monitoring of enterprise-wide business processes
Low total cost of ownership and quick ROI realization
Drastically reduced cycle times, huge productivity gains and other quantifiable benefits Request for Demonstration

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