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IT Services & Software Solution Provider
Rigel Networks
Why Rigel
Collaborative Approach
Our collaborative approach focuses on partnering with global resources to deliver a complete business solution to customers.

We collaborate with
local consultants to overcome the language barrier,
hosting companies to provide servers,
technology companies to develop technical expertise,
marketing companies,
industry experts to provide latest trends,
business associations to build a network
and so on depending upon individual customer needs.

Industry Expertise

We have provided software services to various industries like
Hospitality   Jewelry 
Construction   Accounting
Roofing   Video Security & Surveillance 
Mortgage   Entertainment and Leisure   

Our industry specific business knowledge helps us to understand our customer needs quickly and suggest them with latest IT trends to outsmart competition.

Business Practices Structured Processes

Our Software development follows and adheres to industry best practices and comply to CMMI standards to deliver excellence.We give highest priority to quality and ensure the same throughout the SDLC. We make custom processes per customer business needs by evolving our processes and practices in sync with the latest IT Business Trends

One Stop Service House
Rigel Networks is a one stop shop for all your software services
Custom Business Solution
Application Development and Maintenance
Technology Research and Innovation
Legacy Migration
Software Product Engineering
also provide Software Testing to supporting services like UI design, SEO, Graphic Design, Helpdesk and so on.

Our service portfolio repertoire keeps increasing as per customer and business needs.

Skilled & Committed Resources
We have multi-skilled pool of Software Professionals and Project Managers with over 5 years of technical and project management experience

Customer Satisfaction occupies the highest priority for us and we strive to achieve the same by providing continuous support and assistance to our customers.

We believe in Indian values of global oneness as 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam' (whole planet as a family) and share the common vision and conceptual outlook along with our customers.

Technology Expertise
We have expertise in
Mobile solutions

 We work on Microsoft.NET, AJAX, Flash and Linux technology.

Supporting Facts
We have a secure infrastructure with robust firewall and well defined access policies
We are successful in retaining 95% customers and enjoy repeat business
We give free warranty to fix bugs and defects in deliverable
We have flexible engagement model
We give commented source codes which can be used in future.

For more information Reach Us!.

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